Redstar Inspections Testimonials

Great Home Inspector!! – Great service, highly recommended. I had a very good experience with Red Star, specifically Jeremy. I read the reviews on this blog and decided to give them (Red Star) a try. Sure enough, everything that was said describing the service and professionalism was true to form! Jeremy from Red Star was very punctual, professional, and had my best interest in mind while conducting the home inspection. Jeremy took the time to thoroughly walk through and answer all questions I had concerning the inspection. Not to mention, the report from the home inspection was emailed prior to Jeremy leaving the home site. I highly recommend.

michael4242 City Search

Very Professional – Jeremy did a great job. He was very thorough, answered all my questions, and had the report done before he left the house. I would recommend Red Star to everyone for their next home purchase.

Chris B. City Search

We were recently looking to buy a house and Red Star Home Inspection came out and inspected the house. Based on their detailed inspection we likely saved ourselves from a potential money pit. Jeremy was friendly, sharp, and created one of the most detailed home inspection reports I've ever seen. It's obvious that these guys are looking out for the buyer, not just signing off for some realtor to help make a deal come through. If you REALLY WANT someone to THOROUGHLY inspect a house and see what's going on with a house you're looking to buy these guys are the ones to call.

Joe T. City Search

Corey did a fabulous job. The first home we backed out of due to foundation problems so we used him twice. He was very thorough and did a great job on the report. We will definitely recommend his services to our friends.

Marissa L.

Red Star is amazing. We searched and searched for the right company to do a home inspection before we settled on a house. We wanted to have all our ducks in a row. After calling several places we trustingly went with Red Star for numerous reasons. The lady on the phones knowledge and attitude was just fabulous and a great start. Knowing that the owner, Jeremy, is a fire chief made me trust in the job- fire fighters are honest living-working humans, right? Most places we called could not promise a same day delivery on the report and as a future home owner we want as much time as possible to review EVERYTHING. I felt like they went above and beyond my HIGH expectations and accomplished everything with such professionalism. We met with him at the house and before he left he emailed us the entire report! WOW! I would and have recommended this company to friends and family and I would give them 10 thumbs up! Thanks guys!


Hi Nick - I would like thank you and your trainee for doing an inspection yesterday. You guys did a perfect job. Very thorough and informative!! I would give you guys a highest rating for the last inspection.

V. T. (Buyer)

Everyone was very nice and professional. Gregg knew what to look for and was very thorough. Tammy was very patient and professional. They made the experience stress free. I would highly recommend them.

Unknown Buyer

I can not say enough about the professionalism and the level of detail included on their inspection reports. I hired Red Star to inspect a potential property that I had made a offer on about a year ago, which I did not ended up buying, as the inspection was a eye opener. Gregg was very professional and very detailed, the inspection took several hours and he helped understand all the aspects of the inspection. How I found them was just simply a matter of luck. I read a inspection report done by Red Star on another property I was also looking at, but someone else hired them to do the inspection. Unfortunately, I followed my realtor's advise and I hired the home inspector she suggested because it was cheaper, today, I can hit my head against the wall for not hiring Red Star to inspect the house I ended buying.  I am so tired of dealing with so many issues that were missed at the time of the original inspection that  I have decided to hire Red Star Home Inspection to come and re inspect my house a year later just to have that peace of mind that every new home owner wants. Great Job Red Star!!!

V. M. (Buyer)

Gregg - Thank you very much for the comprehensive report. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you!  Red Star and yourself in particular will certainly get our recommendation to others!

A. M. (Buyer)

“Nick was very informative and friendly. This is my second time using Red Star. I will refer them to others.

Unknown Buyer

I've had other inspectors for other homes, and Greg from Red Star was extremely helpful! He was thorough and friendly, and the report was comprehensive, and covered everything. I'll recommend their service to my colleagues and friends.

Unknown Buyer

Thanks Gregg!  Your speedy service is very much appreciated. 

S. W. (Buyer)

Thank you very much for coming over to inspect our new house today. We appreciate your professional and friendly manner for conducting your business. It was also educational to us during the process.

L.P. (Buyer)

You guys have been one of the best inspection companies I have ever used! Thanks for everything.

P.M. (Realtor)

I was extremely impressed with the quality of service from Red Star Home Inspection. I am a new home buyer, and had signed a contract to buy one property that I really liked. After Jeremy at Red Star did his inspection, it was revealed that there was severe foundation damage that I had not seen, and I was able to use my option to get out of the contract. This saved me from making a costly mistake.

Lance S.

Get the inspection done before it's too late. It's a no-brainer decision. Redstar inspection will give you the proof of a solid investment or it will flag you the unseen flaws. I am 100% satisfied with the service and would recommend it with open heart!

Victor I.

Mr. Jeremy Benefiel from Red Star Home Inspections was an invaluable help to my family and I. He was punctual, courteous, detail oriented and very knowledgeable. He inspected 3 different homes for my family and helped us greatly. The pricing is very reasonable and the service he provides is excellent, his reports are very detailing and easy to understand. I highly recommend his services and expertise.

Luiz P.