thermal-002Protect Your Investment with a Thermal Inspection

A thermal camera or thermal inspection broadens the scope of a home inspection because it allows an inspector to see elements invisible to the human eye and delivers a fast, reliable, accurate diagnosis. Infrared technology detects areas of energy waste due to missing insulation, inefficient AC and heating systems and radiant heating. In our past experience, Red Star Inspectors have found that 80% of homes are missing insulation. A thermal imaging camera identifies patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the human eye. Thermal imaging quickly catalogs areas of concern which will be used to compile your home inspection report and will ultimately help you improve your homes energy efficiency, thus saving you countless money on energy costs.


With a thermal camera your Redstar Home Inspector can identify needed repairs with minimal disruption, such as; plumbing leaks, water intrusion, moisture within the walls, electrical “hot spots” due to faulty wiring and much more. After using the thermal camera, we can’t believe we ever completed inspections without it.