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Buying a brand new home, or watching your custom home being built from the ground up is very exciting. Although it’s exciting, it can also be a very stressful time. As consumers, we would like to believe that all builders are professional and build homes in compliance with State and Building regulations. While most builders are good at what they do, some have cut corners to lower costs and raise production rates.  The average homebuyer has no idea that their home was built improperly until the home begins to deteriorate.  Experience has shown that these defects do not begin to surface for three to five years. After one year, your home warranty expires, which means you are now responsible for repairing something that was not built right in the first place.

New Construction Inspection

During the new construction inspection, which is done after the home is completed, the inspector will complete a Five Star Home Inspection. Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect every aspect of the home (excluding cosmetic defects). The inspector will check all structural components, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and appliances to ensure that all are compliant with TREC Standards of Practice and that they function properly and safely. Your inspector will also be looking for common defects, including but not limited to: windows that are not properly sealed, outlets and switches that are improperly wired, lack of insulation, poor wall and ceiling finishes, improper drainage in the front or back yard, appliances that are not connected or functioning properly, and circuit breakers that are not wired or labeled properly.